Rockin’ Box House Concert – with Patricia Vonne

24. June 2022
7:00 PM
Rockin’ Box House Concert – with Patricia Vonne
Robert LaRoche

What’s a House Concert?


A house concert is a rare opportunity for closeness with multi-talented singers, songwriters and instrumentalists; a chance to show our appreciation for the music and ask questions of the artist; and an invitation to hear the stories that inform the lyrics that make the songs.  A house concert is a full house gathered within a single room and the magic of how music sounds and feels in these close quarters.

Our responsibility as audience is to offer full respect and attention to the music and maker.  The process of a house concert is naturally collaborative: The listener is encouraged to connect with the musician through appreciation, and to engage in conversation before and between sets.  The music may be acoustic or electric, a lone musician or group.  The experience is always intimate.

Musicians particularly welcome the house concert venue as a chance to engage more personally with fans old and new.  A house concert affords us an opportunity to really listen to the music.  There is not chatter while the music is being performed, no telephones ringing, and no wait staff to distract you from full enjoyment of the music.

Our concerts start promptly at 7:15pm.  Between sets we serve light snacks.  We provide a comfortable venue and seating, so you need only bring your artist contributions, a beverage of your choice, and an affinity for fine, hand-crafted music.  For information on concert dates, location and directions, food plans for the evening (snacks vs. pot-luck), and suggested donation to the artists, please check our Upcoming Shows.  We encourage you to take time to check out each artist’s web site; it’ll make you a savvier participant.

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