The Owl – Elgin

4. May 2019
7:30 PM
The Owl – Elgin
Robert LaRoche

The Owl, Elgin’s first home goods store and wine bar, offers unique vintage home goods and furniture and a local option for happy hour and sampling boutique wines. The store, located in  historic downtown Elgin, offers a variety of evening activities for locals who would prefer to stay  close to home. The Owl’s namesake is inspired by an original ghost mural (circa 1900) of Owl  Cigars that adorns the store’s wall was painted a year before the building was constructed,  providing a stunning historic backdrop. The majestic mural was hidden for more than 90 years  until 1990 when a film company shooting a television movie, “In Broad Daylight” revealed the historic artwork.

The Owl
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